International Center for Climate and Global Change Research CHESS Cluster Leading Center
Projects & Research
Project FocusSupported byProject PeriodTotal Amount
Assessing Impacts of Climate and Land Use Change on Terrestrial-Ocean Fluxes of carbon and Nutrient and Their Cycling in Coastal EcosystemsNASA2010-2013$1,881,831
Impacts of changing Climate and Land use on carbon Cycling and Budgets of the Coastal Ocean Margin: Observations, Analysis, and ModelingNASA2011-2014$1,770,383
Use of SMAP Seasonal Inudation and Soil Moisture Estimates in the Quantification of Global Biogenic Gas FluxesNASA2010-2013$75,000
Constraints on Regional Methane Fluxes through Integration of Satellite Aircraft and Ground-Based Observations with ModelsNASA2010-2013$92,436
Land use-Ecosystem-Climate Interactions in Monsoon Asia: Evaluating the impacts of current and projected LCLUC on climate, water and carbon cycling in the first half of 21st centuryNASA2008-2011$1,054,757
Impacts of human activities and climate change on water resources and ecosystem health in Wolf Bay Basin: A Coastal Diagnostic and Forecast System (CDFS) for integrated assessmentAU Water Resource Center Grant Program2008-2011$750,000
Regional Forest Productivity and Carbon Storage in Southern United States: Roles of Land-use/cover Change, Intensive Management and DisturbancesUSDA CSREES2007-2010$150,000
Effects of Intensive Management on Carbon Sequestration in Pine Forests in the Southeastern United StatesSouthern Forestry Research Partnership2008-2009$50,000
Effects of Multiple Changes in Climate and Atmospheric Composition on Terrestrial Ecosystem Structure and Functioning in the Southeastern United States: A Regional Synthesis with Data-Model AssimilationDOE NICCR Program2006-2009$392,498
Interaction of ecosystems, fires, air quality and climate change in the SoutheastEPA 2004-STAR-L12005-2009$749,047
Impact of land-use change on carbon sequestration in Alabama: An interdisciplinary research linking ecosystem processes with economical developmentAAES2005-2008$108,000
Linking Multi-scale Remotely Sensed Data, Field Observations and Biogeochemistry Models to Evaluate Changes in the Terrestrial Ecosystems of ChinaNASA Interdisciplinary Science Program2004-2008$1,650,000
Global Effects of Human and Terrestrial InteractionsNSF Biocomplexity Program2004-2008*
Effect of land-use change on carbon sequestration in the southeastAuburn University Peak of Excellence Program and McIntire-Stennis Fund2003-2006*
Biocomplexity: Feedbacks between Ecosystems and the Climate SystemNSF Biocomplexity Program2001-2006*