International Center for Climate and Global Change Research CHESS Cluster Leading Center

The International Center for Climate and Global Change Research (ICCGCR) is a global coalition of scientists, scholars, and researchers from diverse disciplines committed to constructive and responsible participation to address society’s increasing needs for understanding global climate change and potential solutions. The goal of ICCGCR is to be a nationally prominent and internationally recognized center in the investigation of climate and global changes and their potential impact on ecosystems and society. This will be achieved through international collaboration and excellence in research, education and outreach. The ICCGCR exists to serve as the focal point for developing, coordinating, and implementing interdisciplinary research and education related to climate and global change. We are committed to providing a scientific basis for global change policy and promoting wider analysis and innovative thinking about global environmental issues by extending the intellectual reach of Auburn University at regional, national and international scales.


With establishment of the ICCGCR, we plan to fulfill the following objectives:


  • Develop scientific knowledge to increase the opportunites of inter-disciplinary, cutting-edge research in global change science.
  •  Develop the scientific basis for long-term observations and modeling of response of terrestrial ecosystems to climate and global change across the United States and other countries.
  •  Broaden the scientific concern from single-country to multi-national scope enhancing the competitive capability of participating members to strive for extramural funds.
  •  Assist policy-makers in understanding and disseminating the results of our climate and global change research works.
  •  Provide scientific information for preparing Alabamians and people through out the United States and other countries to respond successfully to the challenges of climate and global change.


Last modified: June 25, 2014