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The global Nitrous oxide Model Intercomparison Project – NMIP


  • Tian, H., et al. Global soil N2O emissions estimated by an ensemble of Terrestrial Biosphere Models during 1861-2016: Magnitude, attribution and uncertainty (To be submitted)
  • Tian, H., Yang, J., Lu, C., Xu, R., Canadell, J.G., Jackson, R., Arneth, A., Chang, J., Chen, G., Ciais, P. and Gerber, S., 2018. The global N2O Model Intercomparison Project (NMIP): Objectives, Simulation Protocol and Expected Products. Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society, (2018).


  • Xu, R., Tian, H., Lu, C., Pan, S., Chen, J., Yang, J. and Bowen, Z., 2017. Preindustrial nitrous oxide emissions from the land biosphere estimated by using a global biogeochemistry model. Climate of the Past, 13(7), p.977.
  • Zhang, B., Tian, H., Lu, C., Dangal, S.R., Yang, J. and Pan, S., 2017. Global manure nitrogen production and application in cropland during 1860–2014: a 5 arcmin gridded global dataset for Earth system modeling. Earth System Science Data, 9(2).
  • Lu, C. and Tian, H., 2017. Global nitrogen and phosphorus fertilizer use for agriculture production in the past half century: shifted hot spots and nutrient imbalance. Earth System Science Data, 9(1), p.181.


AGU Fall Meeting 2017: B21H/B13B Global and Regional Nitrous Oxide Budget: Data, Models, and Uncertainty

  • Hanqin Tian et al. Introductory Remarks
  • Michael J Prather. B21H-01 The Nitrous Oxide (N2O) Budget: Constraints from Atmospheric Observations and Models (Invited)
  • Cynthia D Nevison et al. B21H-02 Estimating North American N2O emissions and the N fertilizer yield fraction using the Carbon Tracker-Lagrange regional inversion framework
  • Eric A Kort et al. B21H-03 The 2017 Fertilizer Emissions Airborne Study (FEAST): Quantifying N2O emissions from croplands and fertilizer plants in the Mississippi River Valley.
  • Claudia Wagner-Riddle et al. B21H-04 Global importance of soil freeze-thaw induced emissions of nitrous oxide from croplands
  • Carolina Voigt et al. B21H-05 Permafrost Thaw increases Emissions of Nitrous Oxide from Subarctic Peatlands
  • Klaus Butterbach-Bahl et al. B21H-07 Measuring and modeling of soil N2O emissions – How well are we doing? (Invited)


  • Katerina Machacova et al. B13B-1765 Upland Trees Contribute to Exchange of Nitrous Oxide (N2O) in Forest Ecosystems
  • Changhui Peng et al. B13B-1766 Simulating N2O emissions from global forests and grasslands using process-based TRIPLEX-GHG model
  • Zachary Alexander Brown et al. B13B-1767 Nitrous Oxide Emissions in a Managed Grassland are Strongly Influenced by CO2 Concentrations Across a Range of Soil Moisture Levels
  • Nate Lawrence. B13B-1768 High-Frequency Nitrous Oxide Dynamics in an Ephemeral Agricultural Wetland
  • Peiyu Cao et al. B13B-1769 Historical Agricultural Nitrogen Fertilizer Management in the Contiguous United States during 1850-2015
  • Wilfried Winiwarter et al. B13B-1770 Global Emissions of Nitrous Oxide: Key Source Sectors, their Future Activities and Technical Opportunities for Emission Reduction
  • Qihui Wang et al. B13B-1771 Global high-resolution nitrous oxide emission inventory for energy combustion sector
  • Shu Chen et al. B13B-1774 Nitrous Oxide Emission from Intertidal Area along the East China Coast
  • Shree R.S. Dangal et al. B13B-1775 Nitrous oxide emissions from grassland ecosystems: Magnitude, spatio-temporal pattern and attribution
  • Guangsheng Chen et al. B13B-1776 Enhanced global forest ecosystem nitrous oxide emissions in response to deforestation
  • Tong Yu and Qianlai Zhuang. B13B-1777 Quantifying the Global Nitrous Oxide Emissions Using a Trait-based Biogeochemistry Model
  • Jordan Patrick Wilkerson et al. B13B-1778 High Arctic Nitrous Oxide Emissions Found on Large Spatial Scales
  • Bowen Zhang et al. B13B-1779 Largely Increased Nitrous Oxide Emission from Global Livestock Sector during 1860-2014: A geospatial-temporal analysis
  • Zichong Chen et al. B13B-1780 Constraints on Nitrous Oxide emissions within the US Corn Belt using tall tower observations and an Eulerian Modeling Approach
  • Chaoqun Lu et al. B13B-1781 The overwhelming role of soil N2O emissions in net greenhouse gas balance of the U.S. Corn Belt: Modeling estimate of nitrogen fertilizer impacts

AGU Fall Meeting 2016: B13I/B11E Global Nitrous Oxide Budget: Magnitude, Sources, and Drivers


  • Hanqin Tian et al. B13I-01 The Global Nitrous Oxide Budget: A joint new activity of GCP and INI
  • Kelley C Wells et al. B13I-02 Top-down Constraints on Global N2O Emissions at Optimal Spatial and Temporal Resolution (Invited)
  • Ute Maria Skiba et al. B13I-03 Current understanding of sources and processes leading to nitrous oxide production from terrestrial ecosystems.
  • Parvadha Suntharalingam et al. B13I-04 Ocean N2O Emissions : Recent Global Estimates and Anthropogenically Influenced Changes
  • Bowen Zhang et al. B13I-05 Indirect Nitrous Oxide Emissions from Major Rivers in the World: Integration of a Process-based Model with Observational Data
  • Feng Zhou et al. B13I-06 Slowdown of N2O emissions from China’s croplands
  • Kristie A Boering et al. B13I-07 Field and laboratory studies of the nitrogen and oxygen isotopic composition of N2O: Corona discharge production, biomass burning, and ocean and “Arctic hot spot” emissions
  • Eric A Davidson. B13I-08 Overview of the Global Nitrous Oxide Budget: The More We Think We Know, the Less We Really Know (Invited)


  • Zichong Chen et al. B11E-0503 Partitioning N2O Emissions within the US Corn Belt using an Inverse Modeling Approach
  • Motoko Ito Inatomi and Akihiko Ito. B11E-0504 Projection of global terrestrial nitrous oxide emission using future scenarios of climate and land-use management
  • Rongting Xu et al. B11E-0505 Global Nitrous Oxide Emissions from Agricultural Soils: Magnitude and Uncertainties Associated with Input Data and Model Parameters
  • Leanne Chai et al. B11E-0506 Nitrous Oxide (N2O) Emissions in Wheat and Canola Crops under Fertigation Management in the Canadian Prairies
  • Dimitre Dikov Dimitrov. B11E-0507 Geographic Inventory Framework (GiF) for estimating N2O and CH4 emissions from agriculture in the province of Alberta, Canada
  • Teis Nørgaard Mikkelsen et al. B11E-0509 Solar UV irradiation-induced production of N2O from plant surfaces – low emissions rates but all over the world
  • Qiuan Zhu et al. B11E-0510 A Process-based TRIPLEX-GHG Model for Simulating Terrestrial N2O Emissions: Model Development and Calibration
  • Ed John Carnell et al. B11E-0511 Verifying the UK agricultural N2O emission inventory with tall tower measurements
  • Cynthia D Nevison et al. B11E-0512 Nitrous oxide emissions estimated with the Carbon Tracker Lagrange regional inversion framework suggest the North American source comes predominantly from agricultural regions
  • Chaoqun Lu and Hanqin Tian. B11E-0513 Shifted hot spots and nutrient imbalance in global fertilizer use for agriculture production in the past half century
  • Robert Martin Rees et al. B11E-0514 Improving Nitrous Oxide Reporting In Agricultural Inventories of Greenhouse Gas Emissions: A UK Case Study
  • Jordan Patrick Wilkerson et al. B11E-0515 Aircraft-Based Eddy Covariance Fluxes of Nitrous Oxide over the Alaskan North Slope
  • John L Bullister et al. B11E-0516 A Baseline for Monitoring Long-term Changes in the Global Distribution of N2O in the Ocean

AGU Fall Meeting 2015: B14A/B11B Closing the Global Nitrous Oxide Budget: Magnitude, Spatiotemporal Patterns, and Responses


  • A R Ravishankara. B14A-01: Nitrous Oxide: A Greenhouse Gas That is Also an Ozone Layer Depleting Gas (Invited)
  • Eric A Davidson et al. B14A-02: The Soil Sink for Nitrous Oxide: Trivial Amount but Challenging Question (Invited)
  • Andrew R Babbin et al. B14A-03: Incomplete Denitrification Causes Rapid Nitrous Oxide Cycling in the Oceanic Oxygen Minimum Zones (Invited)
  • Rona Thompson et al. B14A-04: N2O Emission Trends From a Global Atmospheric Inversion (Invited)
  • Brad David Hall et al. B14A-05: Global observation of nitrous oxide: changes in growth rate and spatial patterns
  • Chaoqun Lu et al. B14A-06: Historical Pattern and Future Trajectories of Terrestrial N2O Emission driven by Multi-factor Global Changes
  • Kazuya Nishina et al. B14A-07: Development of new historical global Nitrogen fertilizer map and the evaluation of their impacts on terrestrial N cycling and the evaluation of their impacts on terrestrial N cycling
  • Katharina Hildegard Elisabeth Meurer et al. B14A-08: Nitrous oxide (N2O) fluxes from soils under different land use in Brazil – Overview, measurements, and modeling


  • Shoji Hashimoto. Global Estimation of Soil Nitrous Oxide Emission Using a Semi-Empirical Model and a Global Dataset (68653)
  • Lutz Merbold et al. No Memory Effects of Restoration on N2O Exchange above an intensively managed Grassland in Switzerland (69386)
  • Fan Shaoyan. Emission of Nitrous Oxide in Temperate Forests with Different Stages of Nitrogen Saturation in Central Japan (71865)
  • Rongting Xu et al. Estimation of Pre-industrial Nitrous Oxide Emission from the Terrestrial Biosphere (73384)
  • Ilya Gelfand et al. Diurnality of soil nitrous oxide (N2O) emissions (75966)
  • Feng Zhou and Ziyin Shan., Re-quantifying China’s N2O emissions from croplands (76162)
  • Akihiko Ito. Sensitivity of terrestrial N2O emission to atmospheric nitrogen deposition (76430)
  • Motoko Ito Inatomi. Improved global estimation of N2O emission from nitrification using a process-based model and meta-analysis (76561)
  • Shannon E Brown. Comparison of N2O fluxes measured using flux-gradient, eddy-covariance, and chamber methods from an agricultural site (79314)
  • Brian Seok and Eri Saikaw., Using the DeNitrification-DeComposition Framework to Simulate Global Soil Nitrous Oxide Emissions in the Community Land Model with Coupled Carbon and Nitrogen (83752)
  • Jennifer Owens. Evaluating Soil Oxygen as a Control on N2O Emissions from Ruminant Urine Patches under Different Irrigation Frequencies (84633)
  • Terry Rolfe et al. Measurements of N2O and SF6 mole fraction between 1977 and 1998 in archived air samples from Cape Meares, Oregon (85474)
  • Lei Tao. N2O fluxes over a corn field from an open-path, laser-based eddy covariance system and static chambers (86013)

Data Sets

  • Zhang, B., Tian, H., Lu, C., Dangal, S.R., Yang, J. and Pan, S., 2017. Global manure nitrogen production and application in cropland during 1860–2014: a 5 arcmin gridded global dataset for Earth system modeling. Earth System Science Data, 9(2).
  • Lu, C. and Tian, H., 2017. Global nitrogen and phosphorus fertilizer use for agriculture production in the past half century: shifted hot spots and nutrient imbalance. Earth System Science Data, 9(1), p.181.
  • Xu, R et al. Increased nitrogen enrichment and shifted patterns in the world’s grassland: 1860-2014. (to be submitted)

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